All Day Athens City Tour

For the start, a visitation is arranged to the sacred rock of Acropolis for you to watch the Parthenon, the Propelea, the temple of Athena nike, the Erechtheion, the lower slops of Acropolis and last but not least the Atticus and Dionysus Theaters.

Thereafter, our driver is going to receipt you from the spot that he left you at the very beginning and then your rout to the inner parts of the city, soon, is going to be started. During this rideyou will have the chance to visit and see the Hadrian`s gate and the Panathenaic stadium, where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896. Your second stand will be the Licabitus Hill, the highest hill of Athens, where you can enjoy the beautiful, panoramic view of Athens downtown. Closing our driver is going to drive you to the dreamy Plaka with the narrow alleys, the tourist shops and the traditional restaurants.