The two- day tour to Monemvassia Castle & Sparta, of Peloponnese (4 hours out of Athens) includes:

First Day:

The trip to Monemvasia is full of unique pictures, green landscapes, fields, mountains ans small villages. In Monemvassia you have the opportunity to stay inside the castle, at one of the traditional rooms to let. Small tourist shops with souvenirs & traditional taverns, can offer you a nice dinner in a friendly and cozy ambience. If you wish, you can easily approach the village of Monemvassia for a wider variety of taverns.

Second Day:

The second day includes a visit to Sparta, one of the most ancient towns in Greece, with great historical importance. Leonidas, one of the bravest Spartans, was always ready to defend his homeland against the enemies. During the Trojan war, king Agamemno and his brother King Menelaus fought against Triy. The Archaeological museum of Sparta and the ruins are worth to be visited. If you have time left, you can also have lunch at one of the traditional taverns in the region and try the local specialties.